Types of Existing Player Casino Bonuses

Best Existing Player Bonuses

Although welcome offers are some of the most talked about promotions where online casinos are concerned, the fact remains that they are far from being the only rewards you will be able to take advantage of when registered at top tier online establishments.

The extremely competitive nature of the online gambling sector requires betting websites to come up with a variety of creative methods of maintaining the loyalty of their clients. Regular promotions are one of the means by which they achieve this aim.

And the very best of them provide impressive benefits which reward their most loyal clients including those who spend large sums, through numerous existing player casino bonuses and VIP schemes.

Existing Player Bonuses: Daily Promotions

Several online casinos provide daily promotions that their registered clients can benefit from. Quite often these offers come with catchy names for each day and may involve free spins on slots, percentage match offers and even free cash.

For example, an online casino may offer as many as 25 free spins on a popular slot on Sundays, 10 free spins on that same slot or on another on Mondays, a 50% match reward for up to $60 on Tuesdays, etc.

Quite often, these offers also have a code that must be entered in order for clients to be able to take advantage of them.

Existing Player Bonuses: Weekly and Monthly Promotions

Best Existing Player Bonuses

Rather than providing daily ongoing promotions, certain casinos prefer to offer weekly rewards. An example of such a promotion would be a free cash offer of $100 for a minimum wager of $15 every Friday.

Other online casinos may prefer to offer existing player bonuses in the form of monthly promotions. For example, a gambling website may provide a special cash offer to clients who make use of a specific payment method throughout a particular month.

Other establishments may prefer to provide a set number of cash prizes for a popular game on a specific day of the month. An example would be an online casino offering three cash prizes of $200 for a game of blackjack on the 10th of the month.

Additional Promotional Offers

  • Refer a friend reward: Depending on the betting website you may be registered at, you may be able to obtain a special reward for referring someone else to the establishment. Such prizes are popularly referred to as 'Refer a friend' bonuses and often take the form of cash prizes. And in some instances, your referred friend will actually receive a cash payment as well.
  • Loyalty scheme: Several top tier casinos also reward their clients for their loyalty by issuing them with points for set amounts of cash spent. These loyalty schemes are often multi-tiered: each level requires the accumulation of a set number of points for a client to be promoted to it and usually comes with various perks unavailable to clients at lower levels or those who have opted not to join the scheme. Some of the very best online casinos also provide a VIP scheme which may be the top tier of these loyalty schemes. This scheme is reserved for clients who spend impressive sums and they are rewarded with impressive benefits in turn. Examples of such perks include a personal customer services operative available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, birthday gifts, tickets to sports events and even expensive electronic gifts.

Best Existing Player Bonuses

Important Points Worth Noting

Existing player bonuses often have expiry dates. Hence close attention must be paid to the period for which any offers you are interested in will remain valid in order to get to take advantage of them.

Offers such as bonuses and free spins often have playthrough requirements, i.e. the number of times you will be required to play through the bonus before being permitted to withdraw your winnings.

In addition to the conditions noted above, casino promotional offers often come with a number of other criteria which must be adhered to in order for you to be considered eligible to benefit from them. As a result, paying close attention to the terms and conditions associated with any promotions you are interested in, is highly recommended.